Boca de Tomatlan

Boca de Tomatlan is an excellent place to make a stop and explore, it is just to the south of Mismaloya about 30 miles south of Puerto Vallarta. It is known to locals as "Boca," which means "mouth" in Spanish.  Boca de Tomatlan is a very small Indian fishing village that has tremendous history. It has a nice beach with several restaurants and it has it's own pier to make it easy for guests to get on and off the boat.

This is a major water taxi spot for those traveling to the south because it has easy bus service to Boca and it is the last southern stop that is accessible by land (bus). Water  taxis depart here throughout the morning and afternoon and head south for destinations such as QuimixtoLas Animas and Yelapa. The southern coast road ends here in Boca de Tomatlan. Boca is the last coastal community you can reach by vehicle before the highway heads up into the Sierra Madre mountains.

Vallarta Yacht CompanyBoca is one of Vallarta’s best kept secrets because of the beautiful beaches and the quiet. Not to be confused with Boca de Tomates (which is a bit north of the Airport on the other side of the mouth of the Pitillal River and Nuevo Vallarta).  It is located where the Horcones River empties into Banderas Bay. Boca is beautiful and surrounded by palm tree covered hills and amazing bougainvillea which are really incredible when the flowers bloom and the colors come out.

Get your camera ready because it is the perfect place to photograph plenty of wildlife and nature because this is a beautiful spot. This place is also very popular to back-packers because it has some great camping areas and one of the few spots that you can camp on the beach. The beach has a very soft sand and the ocean surf is very gentle. The waters of the Boca Bay are extremely calm, so if you are into swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking and nature, this is a great destination for you to choose to stop!

We will provide you with transportation to the pier if you want to enjoy some drinks at one of the beachfront restaurants or just want to explore and take some pictures and hang out on the beach. Daily, every morning you can find the fisherman arriving with their nets filled with fish. You will also find the Green Macaws and plenty of wild parrots that made Boca cove their home.

Boca is just ten breathtaking miles south of Puerto Vallarta and an excellent place to stop when chartering a yacht with Vallarta Yacht Company. Enjoy it's beautiful beach, gentle waves, great food and friendly people! This destination has plenty to offer everyone.