Extreme Fishing

Extreme overnight fishing is for the avid real fisherman that wants to catch the big ones, if you are an extreme fisherman and love to catch the really big game fish like a 1000 pound tunas, the 500 pound marlins and 200 plus pound sailfish plus many more fish on a much larger scale then you may want to consider an overnight extreme fishing charter with Vallarta Yacht company.

We ensure your complete comfort while you catch the big ones. Our yachts only have the best on board when it comes to fishing equipment, food, beverages and service. We have the best crew and fishing experts in the bay.

Our yachts are roomy and comfortable for everyone (maybe you want to bring the wives) women love our charters because we are a very female friendly company with large staterooms, nice bathrooms, comfortable furniture throughout and plenty of outside area for relaxing and getting some sun.

Our overnight extreme charters also come with a private chef to make sure that you and your guests are fed appropriately with the best culinary experience of your lifetime and when you bring in a fish, our chef will prepare ocean to table for you.

Our yachts all have very comfortable staterooms with air conditioning throughout when needed. We also have plenty of movies for you to enjoy when you are resting. Of course these trips are about fishing and the avid fisherman is fishing most of the night and the early morning.

Vallarta Yacht CompanyThese trips will take a minimum of 5 hours until we can start to fish so you and your guests can relax and enjoy the amenities, comfort and service while we head to some of the best fishing in the world. These areas are called Corbeteñia and El Banco have depth beyond 10,000 feet deep and this is the reason so many great fish are caught here.

This trip is a great 24 - 30 hour trip and can accommodate a large group to cut the expenses down per person. Generally, our yachts have sleeping accommodations for 6-8 people not counting couches and tables that drop to bed and of course the floor is extremely nice with a sleeping bag and air mattress.  Let Vallarta Yacht Company plan the perfect overnight extreme fishing adventure for you.

Now if you are one of the elite extreme fisherman then you may choose our ultimate extreme fishing package adventures which is a 3-day ultimate fishing trip to the Maria Islands which are about 150 miles northwest of Punta Mita. This place is world famous and one of the best fishing spots in the world, this is a place that you can land record fish as so many do time after time.

The Maria Islands are just off the coast of San Blas in the state of Nayarit. One of the islands is still being used as a federal prison in Mexico.  The fishing around these islands is amazing and the scenery as well. During your three days you will fish to your heart content, drink, eat and enjoy the sunsets and the morning in absolute bliss and comfort. Again, we handle everything, so you can relax and focus on catching fish. Our crew knows how to catch the big ones and will assist in everything that you need and do all the dirty work allowing you to reel them in.

Let us show you a fishing adventure of a lifetime!