Fishing Charters in Puerto Vallarta

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Fishing Charters in Puerto Vallarta

Offered by Vallarta Yacht Company

64 ft. Mikelson

 4hr ◦ 6hr ◦ 8hr
Capacity: 15 From 3,475 usd

60 ft. Mikelson

 4hr ◦ 6hr ◦ 8hr
Capacity: 25 From 1,930 usd

40 ft. Viking

 4hr ◦ 6hr ◦ 8hr
Capacity: 15 From 1000 usd

36 ft. Custom

 4hr ◦ 6hr ◦ 8hr
Capacity: 10 From 850 usd

35 ft. Cabo

 4hr ◦ 6hr ◦ 8hr
Capacity: 8 From 950 usd

Fishing Charters Puerto Vallarta

Whether you are looking for some light fishing and relaxing or you want some serious sport fishing, we have a yacht for you. Some of our yachts are excellent for the full combination of comfort for the non-fishing guests as well for the avid fisherman. All of our fishing yachts have the very finest rods, reels and fishing tackle available in the bay and a crew that knows how to catch the fish.

Unwind in Style or Fish in Comfort

Chartering one of our fishing yachts offers a great benefit because we cater to everyone. Our yachts are designed to be comfortable for everyone with nice bathrooms and world-class service. Whether you are looking for a fishing trip or want to mix it up with some snorkeling, swimming, and other water activities, we can provide it.

You catch it, we cook it

On all of our yachts you and your guests will be treated with 5-star service of your favorite beverages, premium cocktails and beers. We also can have at your service, a private chef that is ready to whip up some gourmet foods for you and your guests at any time and it is sure to be a culinary delight. Cleaning and in some cases cooking the catch can always be done on the return trip or how about some fresh ceviche, nothing better than the fresh catch from water to table.

Fishing in Banderas Bay: A Haven for Big Game Fish and More.

Banderas Bay is a very popular place for big game fish like Yellowfin Tuna, Black and Blue Marlin, Dorado and Sailfish. Species such as Rooster fish (not generally in the bay) or Jack Crevalle are also caught in and around the bay. There are also several bottom fish like Red snapper and Grouper that can be found offshore along the rocky reefs & shorelines with plenty of other small species like Bonitas and Spanish Mackerel are caught frequently throughout Banderas Bay.

If you really want to catch the big game fish such as Sailfish, Marlin and Large Tuna then we have to go offshore to the much deeper waters to an area called El Morro. It is about 30 miles out and has plenty of deep water out here and some great fishing only about an hour and half out.

La Corbetena and EL Banco, The Best Fishing Areas.

For the most extreme fishermen there is an area, 60 to 150 miles northwest of Puerto Vallarta called La Corbeteña to EL Banco which are about 50 miles out. These areas have some of the best fishing in the world. In these places you can sometimes pull in tuna at 500 pounds or more plus marlin and sailfish to name just a few. Do not be surprised if you land a shark as they are regularly caught in this area.

Puerto Vallarta Fishing Charters: Fishing and Fun in Style

Whether you are a group of extreme fishermen or with your family, friends or business associates, we can put a fishing trip together that pleases everyone with the correct amenities and comfort that you desire and expect. We understand that everyone has different budgets and priorities when it comes to fishing charters. While we may not offer the cheapest option, we can assure you that we strive to provide the highest quality experience possible at an affordable price.

If you are a large group looking for a combination of fishing and fun, we can handle groups of fifty people in comfort. Again, if you want a day of extreme fishing or want to mix it up then we will have a yacht for you.

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Fishing Charters in Puerto Vallarta

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