Half Day

Half Day

Looking for a shorter cruise in the afternoon, we offer half day whale watching and water fun tours. Depart at 9 AM and return at 1 PM or depart at 3 PM and return at 7 PM. This is an awesome tour that gives you a taste of what Banderas Bay offers to you.

We depart from any port and spend time along the northern or southern coast while you enjoy your favorite beverages and snacks and the beautiful waters of the Banderas Bay. There really is nothing like cruising on the bay and with Vallarta Yacht Company we know how to do it in style. This is a more economical way to see the bay, do some whale watching and enjoy the many water toys that all of our yachts offer. Whale watching is incredible during the winter months from November to May and they are always ready to perform for one of our yachts.

half day charterOur yachts are all equipped with plenty of water toys such as kayaks, paddle-boards, water-tubes (except the sailboat) water lounging, life vests and of course water service from the bar by the crew.

Our charters  are different than you might be used to because we have gringo eyes and  know what Americans and Canadians expect when they charter a yacht. We don't switch boats on you, we guarantee that what you see is what you get. After 11 years of working with some of the best and going on some of the worst, we will give you the best day of your vacation in complete luxury.

If you are planning any type of event and do not want to spend 8 hours on the water then the half day option is an excellent choice. We can take from 2 to 100 people and promise that this day will be the best day of your visit to Vallarta, but beware because these trips are habit forming.

Vallarta Yacht Company offers the very best that you can get at the very best pricing on the bay. There are plenty out there that are cheaper so if you’re looking for that, then let me refer you to the best cheap charters in the bay that are run by other companies. They have plastic Corona chairs, cheap liquor, questionable service and few amenities. If that is what your looking for then I will gladly send you to the best of them. We only offer charters that have passed the gringo eye test and we have been on personally to ensure the quality for all our guests.

Half day charters start at $1500 for up to 20 guests.