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A very popular destination when you charter a yacht with Vallarta Yacht Company is the small sleepy fishing village of Quimixto. Life is peaceful and very relaxed here in this tiny village of less than 500 residents. This is an awesome stop and guests absolutely love the this place. Quimixto is part of Cabo Corrientes in the State of Jalisco.

Quimixto has an incredible beach and is extremely well known to boaters because of the great snorkeling along the rocky coastline just to the south of the beach. Many hikers make their way to Quimixto because of the location that is very close between Las Ánimas and Majahuitas which makes it an easy destination for a day to hike and camp along the beaches.

It is an awesome stop when you charter a yacht to make a quick stop to do some snorkeling, check out the beach, visit the locals and possibly even have a quick drink at one of the few places, maybe a shot of the Mexican moonshine called raicilla. They make it right here locally, be careful with this stuff as it is very strong. Because this is a regular stop for the water taxis, tourists are plentiful as they are looking for the many tranquil beach pieces of paradise in this southern coast area.

The beach is a tan sand and the waters are very calm so it is a great place to hang out and swim on the beach. The waters are very clear which makes it a great spot for snorkeling and diving both to the north and south of the beach. The narrow beach is only about 100 feet wide and approx. 2000 feet long.

This tiny village does have it's own dock which is rare for these small beach towns. There are no vehicles so the only way is to utilize the small panga tenders to bring you into shore where you can find some of the freshest local seafood and delicious Mexican restaurants with simple but tasty local dishes and of course your favorite drinks.

This little village has some beautiful waterfalls that are the most popular tourist attraction in Quimixto located about a mile hike inland following the river's edges. If you are not feeling like doing a mile long hike then horses are available to bring you up there in style. The horses are extremely calm and seem to know the way to the falls. The ride by horse is about 20 minutes and by walking about 45 minutes to an hour. During the summer rainy season, the river and falls have quite a current.

There is plenty of wildlife in the area such as; sea birds, pelicans, seagulls and herons. You will also see ducks in the river and during your hike or ride to the falls. Also, you will get to see grande iguanas, coatimundi, raccoons, opossums, parrots and possibly even a deer. It is quite a place to make a stop, it really brings you into the Mexican Culture.

You can also take a stroll into the small Mexican fishing village, do not blink twice or you will miss it, only 400 residents with some small stores and others offering souvenirs, t-shirts, sombreros and other beach gear. If you look hard enough and ask around you may even find some good homemade raicilla, but drink this in moderation! This is the Indian moonshine and it will get you flying high! One shot is usually plenty for most people.

Quimixto is also quite popular for surfers between October and April, they even hold competitions from time to time. Our crew will assist you with everything during your stop including assisting you to the falls, but make sure to negotiate the horses. We provide everything including paddle boards, kayaks and snorkel equipment so all you need to do is enjoy your day. Plan a stop in Quimixto and enjoy this very special piece of paradise just south of Puerto Vallarta. There is no better way to enjoy it than a yacht with Vallarta Yacht Company.

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