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Vallarta Yacht CompanySunset charters are the ultimate way to explore the bay without spending the entire day. Sunsets in Banderas Bay are world famous and quite spectacular.

Whether you enjoy sailing or motor yachting, we know how to do it in style and know what you expect as a client. All of our yachts are the very best and with every possible amenity. We guarantee you front row seats in comfort to one the most amazing afternoons/evenings of your vacation. It is truly the only and best way to enjoy the sunset in the Banderas Bay.

There is an enormous difference and perspective of the bay and the sunset when enjoying your favorite beverage on a fluffy lounger on one of our fantastic fleet of yachts. Again, we have been on each one personally and given the yacht the gringo eye test and guarantee your  satisfaction and what you see is actually what you get on any tour booked with Vallarta Yacht Company. We can accommodate up to 85 guests comfortable on one boat but no matter what the celebration is or the number of people, allow Vallarta Yacht Company to show you what service is.

Our sunset tour starts about 4-5 PM and returns about 8-9 PM. We start by doing some whale watching and enjoying your favorite beverages and snacks. The whales love positive energy and come really close to all of our yachts. Sometimes it feels like you can reach out and touch them. From there we will make a stop along the bay for some swimming activities such as kayaking, paddle boarding and lounging in the water.

Vallarta Yacht CompanyOnce we have tired you out in the water, we start our cruise again with the skyline of Nuevo and Puerto Vallarta in the background while we wait for the sol (sun) to set over the Banderas Bay horizon. As the sun sets the colors of the true sunset appear.

Too many people have not experienced the hour after sunset while on a luxury yacht. Remember all of our tours are all inclusive and include everything such as all drinks (premium liquor only) and snacks (which may include shrimp & beef burritos or fajitas, teriyaki, fried and any other way you want it). Cooking & chef are available on select boats.  All of our staff are the best at making ceviche. They make award winning ceviche from the freshest of catch. We do not cut corners at Vallarta Yacht Company, we offer nothing but the best.

On the ride back the sky changes colors, so you can sit back and relax and allow our five star service to cater to you. We know it will be one of the best experiences of your vacation. Private sunset charters start at just $900 USD. No matter the size of your group if you are about luxury, comfort, service and value then

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