Whale Watching

Whale Watching

Humpback whales are a highlight and extremely special to visitors who are lucky enough to get out and see them in the bay. Humpback whales start arriving in Banderas Bay around the end of October and stay until the middle of April. This is their destination for the winter after a long migration trip that starts in the cool waters of the Pacific Ocean near Alaska. The whales migrate here during the winter months and use the warm, deep waters of our bay to breed and give birth to their calves before traveling north again in April / May.

whale watching boat tours in Puerto Vallarta - Vallarta Yacht CompanyHumpback whales are large beautiful creatures that can grow to 60 feet (20 meters) long and weigh around over 50 tons. Due to massive amount of commercial whaling in the 1800s and until the 1960’s, humpback whales were almost to the level of extinction. An international ban was placed on humpback whaling in 1966, and now, the whales’ population has recovered in large numbers and now there are plenty of whales enjoying loving the Banderas Bay almost as much as us humans do and on any given day you can find them performing to onlookers enjoying the show while they are showing off to the females.

Humpbacks are the most popular of whales to watch for a specific reason. They are easily recognizable, they are extremely curious, and love performing plenty of acrobatics such as breaching and slapping the water with their fins, tails, and heads. This is because the male whales are showing off to the female whales to impress them and potentially mate with them.

Whale watching in the Bay is regulated by the Mexican Government and the Federal Department of Natural Resources. Whale watching licenses are required by all whale watching vessels and there is a set time period in which whale watching is permitted that begins in November and ends in April each year.

whale watching tours in Puerto Vallarta - Vallarta Yacht CompanyThere is no better way to enjoy the whales than on a private yacht with the comforts and services that you want. Our yachts are all extremely comfortable and have every amenity that you can think of. Our whale watching private tours are the most comfortable on Banderas Bay. Instead of plastic Corona chairs and small overcrowded boats, our tours offer pure comfort to all the guests. There are always plenty of whales to see throughout the trip. Sometimes the whales get within a few feet are almost closest enough to reach out touch. Hopefully the whales will perform for you as they do most of the time. Every customer gets very excited about the number of whales that come close to our yachts. Whales are extremely attracted to positive energy and all of our yachts and most people that cruise with us bring plenty of that.

Whale watching is just the beginning of your journey with us. All our yachts have luxury lounging areas and extreme comfort, plenty of outdoor or indoor space, air conditioning, 3-5 bathrooms, private chefs, top quality service, plenty of water toys (after whale watching) and much more. These are the ultimate in whale watching tours available across the bay. Take it from the 11 year veteran expats and full time residents of Puerto Vallarta!