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One of the nicest spots that is extremely popular and tucked in one of the most southernmost coves of Banderas Bay and Jalisco is the world’s 7th largest bay and the peaceful village of Yelapa, Jalisco, Mexico.

Although there is a road, (not a good one) it is most easily accessible by boat and that is how the locals travel, by boat.  All of our Yachts frequent this small quaint   fishing village which really bring you back to old Mexico when times were simple and before, so many people had discovered beautiful Puerto Vallarta

For so many years, this tiny little village of Yelapa was the vacation spot many famous people such as Bob Dylan, Dennis Hopper, and other cosmic caballero types who found peace on the quiet beaches, love good tequila, and local Mexican charm & tranquility. Only in the several years have they been attracting more mainstream travelers that wanted the same enjoyment and tranquil feeling that these stars had found. Many who travel and stay overnight are looking for an alternative to hustle and bustle of busy Puerto Vallarta.

Yelapa beach is beautiful and has golden sand beaches and is a superb place to swim, snorkel and lounge. The waters are very calm there with exception of the many boats coming and going on to the beach. The is no shortage of restaurants along the beach if you want to go in and have some drinks or snacks. Remember all of our tours are all inclusive with gourmet lunches and snacks and will provide you with free transportation to the beach or the dock near town. (no beach on that side though but plenty to see)

The cruise to Yelapa takes around 1.5 hours generally with a stop or 2 along the way for some water fun, snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking and swimming. Some of the private spots for snorkeling are just amazing with giant manta rays and plenty of fish and octopus for underwater viewing pleasure.

You can also plan on seeing plenty of humpback whales and dolphins playing, dancing and performing you. The whale season runs November/ December until April/ May.

Once arriving in Yelapa you can choose your activities, stay on the yacht and have water fun with the all the water toys that all of our Yachts offer and enjoy the comfort, spend time and have some drinks on Yelapa beach or let one of our crew escort you and your guests through the small village to the waterfalls. You also have the option to rent a horse that will walk you through the small village if you do not feel like walking. There is an extra charge for the horse at about $20 USD per horse. If you enjoy hiking, then walk to the falls is about a half hour to 45 minutes.

You can get back to the boat at any time you want, and transportation will be offered back and forth for all of our guests, so you are in control of your schedule and what you want to do while visiting Yelapa.  We will stay if you and your guests would like to stay and when your ready we can start the cruise back or to another exciting destination.

Yelapa is a must-see village, you will enjoy it immensely and have the memories forever!

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